7 Must-Have Book Accessories

Listen, there is nothing wrong with being proud of the things you love. I mean, look at cat lovers – they have no shame. So, if they are allowed to walk around with cat phone cases and cute cat purses, we should be able to shout from the roof tops, “I LOVE BOOKS!”

Ok, in all seriousness, there is nothing out there stopping us from shouting from above mentioned rooftops. I just thought I’d add a little drama.

Of course, a list like this could go on forever and ever and ever. There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing there are just that many book lovers out there! Thank you, bookworms! You are the reason I have so many book-themed items.

Nevertheless, here are some options to help you narrow down which ones you should invest in (P.S. these are my favourites!).

Must Have Book Accessories Blog

Drink It

It seems everywhere you go someone somewhere is telling you how important it is to drink water. Water, water, water! Ok, I’ll put my wine glass down. Geez. Well, if we are going to start tossing back some more H2O, then you better believe a book-themed water tumbler is being bought. And, you probably guessed it right, I am bringing it everywhere with me.

Photo of Kate Spade book tumbler
The above tumbler is a Kate Spade product.

Sip It

Ya, water is cool, but I am not giving up on coffee that easily. Quick, someone get me to a bougie cafe! Book-themed mugs aren’t only cute, but may finally get you to start that book club you’ve always wanted to do with your friends. Nothing makes a cuppa better than talkin’ books, am I right?

Photo of Book Lover mug from Indigo
The above coffee mug is an Indigo product.

Read It

If you happen to be a bibliophile with a serious case of wanderlust, this is for you! Ok, it isn’t necessarily “book-themed”, but it serves a bookish purpose! No more will your beloved novels get bent or torn from bouncing around in your carry-on or backpack because it is being protected with a book sleeve. Honestly, this is a major life book saver!

Photo of Red, White, and Royal Blue and book sleeve from Indigo
The above book sleeve is an Indigo product.

Carry It

If you are on the fence about buying book-themed totes, do it for the turtles. Ya, you heard that right. You need a substitute for your plastic grocery bags anyway, so why not make it cute and bookish? Betcha can’t think of a reason not to!

Photo of book bag from Indigo
The above tote is an Indigo product.

Wear It

My fellow shopaholics, this one is for us! Like I have mentioned before, there is no shame in letting the world know how much you love and adore something. It gets even better when you can get really specific. Sure, we love to read, but there are some books that are especially close to our hearts. You know the ones, the book(s) you always recommend to your fellow readers *cough-JaneAusten-cough*.

Photo of Jane Austen quote t-shirt form Out of Print
The above sweater is an Out Of Print product.

Sock It

There is a reason #SockSunday is a reoccurring hashtag on Instagram. Honestly, I don’t feel like this needs justifying. They are cute and cozy. The end.

Photo of book themed socks from Sock It To Me
The above socks are a Sock It To Me product.

Pin It

Whatever happened to backpack pins? Even if you don’t have a backpack, throw them on your jean jacket! Oh my gosh, can we start a bookworm gang? Like the T-Birds or Pink Ladies, but, you know, even cooler?! Anyway, I don’t really care where you put it, as long as you appreciate how cute and cool some of these pins can get.

Not one for pins? Fine. What about magnets? You can’t avoid this one, everyone has a fridge!

Photo of book themed pins
The above pins magnets are from…who knows where.

Open my eyes, world, to other book-themed accessories by tagging us on Instagram @bibliomavens! My bank account won’t thank you, but I will!


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