The 5 Ws of Tagging on Social Media

Honestly, social media can be daunting. There are a ton of features that can help you amplify your following, but only if you use them right. 

Of course, doing a simple Google search will show you that there are a bunch of people out there claiming they know the secret to social media success. Now, I am not saying they are lying, but I will say that you need to do your due diligence in finding out who is out there to help and who is talking for the sake of talking. 

In my opinion (just like all the ones I said you would find), I truly believe it comes down to hard work and persistence. I know, I know, not exactly what you want to hear. But like all things in life, you just got to keep at it. 

So, with all this in mind, here is a simple breakdown of one of many features available to you that will help you grow. 

Tagging on Social Media Blog

Tagging, folks. Don’t be afraid to tag to not only get people to see your content, but to help you discover communities. Honestly, if there is one gem to be found online it is the large array of communities of people who love the same things you do. Go on, find your people! It will be magic. 

Here are the 5 Ws to help you get started:

Who tags?

Everyone is capable of tagging, well, everyone. However, it is important to do so responsibly (more on that later). 

What is tagging?

For people who are new to the game (hello and welcome!), tagging is when someone mentions you in a post via the @ symbol followed by your username. When this happens, your profile is now linked to the post and you will receive notifications. 

Note: The same process is used when you want to tag someone in your post, just reversed. 

Where can I tag?

Tagging people is the same across all social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram). Nevertheless, there are some differences as to how to do it, but the end result is the same. 

When should I tag?

Ok, here is where social media etiquette really comes in. When you tag always, always, always consider the relevance of the post. In other words, ask yourself if the people you are tagging are involved in some way. 

So, when it comes to something like a #bookstagram, for instance, you may want to tag the author and publisher. These people/accounts would be relevant to that post. On the other hand, tagging a bunch of other #bookstagram accounts just to get them to like it or possibly follow you is a tad bit annoying unless it is part of a challenge (in which case you can simply mention them in the copy of your post).  

Whatever you do, don’t be that person who tags for the sake of tagging. It is incredibly off-putting. 

Why should I tag?

The biggest reason people tag is to get people to see your post.

For example, if you post a great shot of your favourite book and the aesthetic is on point, you may want to tag the author, the publisher, and any large fandom account (like Mugglenet for Harry Potter). When you do this, they receive a notification. Ultimately, the pièce de résistance would be for them to share it to their own account which would expose you to their following thereby growing your own. 

Speaking of tagging, don’t be afraid to tag us on Instagram @bibliomavens to let us know what you want to see more of! We are always looking for things to discuss to help our fellow bookworms share the love of reading! 


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