10 Horror Writing Prompts

horror writing prompts for ideas for writers, including dialogue, scene, and plot ideas
  1. My eyes drift closed as I start to fall asleep. That’s until a soft voice whispered in my ear, “You think you’re alone, but you’re not.”
  2. The room was pitch black, so I shouldn’t have been able to see the woman standing in front of me. The woman was me, at least I thought it was me, and she was smirking.
  3. “Ah-wooooo—ow!” said the ghost as it stubbed its toe.
  4. “You talk in your sleep,” said the message written in the condensation of my mirror.
  5. The footsteps I thought I was imagining keep getting louder. Yesterday, they started coming down the stairs.
the big picture writing prompts
  1. A witch visits your protagonist in a dream promising to kill their parents and then them. The next morning, their parents are gone.
  2. Your protagonist has a stalker who likes to leave messages in their room saying “I love you” and “I miss you” in blood on their wall. But the lack of footprints and fingerprints may mean their stalker may be of the dead variety.
  3. Your protagonist and their young family move into a new neighbourhood and quickly becomes friends with one of the neighbours. Except, no one seems to be able to see this neighbour but them.
  4. Whether it’s their phone, television, radio, or any piece of technology, your protagonist always hears giggling.
  5. Found in your protagonist’s child’s halloween bag is a note attached to a bloody rabbit’s foot, “What will you pick – trick or treat?”

Did you find these prompts useful? If so, which one is your favourite?  Stay tuned here for more prompts.



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