You like books? Likewise!

likewise social media app for recommendations

I think we can all agree that social media is a beast. What do I mean? Every day, I swear, there is a new platform. Call me old, but I still don’t have a personal TikTok account. Whatever. I’ll leave it to the youths.

Anyway, even though I can be ornery when it comes to anything new, Amber and I came across a new app called Likewise. Have you heard of it? To be honest, the only reason I was open to it was because it accommodates our book obsession. No, it doesn’t do what Goodreads does. It does something better.

Do you ever finish a book and think, “Damn, that was good. I’d love to read something similar”? Ya, us too. The problem is, not all of us have a large group of book loving friends to ask. Or, if you do, they probably have similar tastes (you are the company you keep, right). That’s the absolute greatest thing about this app, in my opinion. Anyway, let me break down my favourite features!

Personalized Recommendations

You can throw out an “Ask” into the universe (or inter webs) and actually get an answer. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than getting book recommendations. Some of my best reads came into my life from recommendations from other people. People, my bookish friends, that love books just as much as you do! The book community never ceases to amaze me. I love it so much.

Likewise Ask

On the other end of it, you can answer other people. Swipe through the list (like Tinder for books?) and answer as many asks as you would like. You can even include a comment, which I like to do. However, if you would like to leave the book cover and walk away, that’s perfectly acceptable. Oh, the book you wanted to recommend is already on the list? No problem. You can upvote it! Yup, the more people that “vote” for a book, the higher it appears on the list of recommendations.


Who doesn’t love a good list? No one? Just me? Ok. Now, I know you can create lists on Goodreads, but that app’s purpose is centred around it. I actually hate making or searching through lists on Goodreads. I always find them way too long and not specific enough.

But on Likewise, I can make it super duper specific and people can’t add to it. Even better, once it goes live you can keep adding to it.

Not to mention, you can search for other lists, decide you like them, and save them for later. Now, I could be wrong about this, but I think you will get a notification when or if the person adds to the list.

Also, can I ask all of you for a favour? If you make a list, please only put books you’ve read. I don’t want to follow people who make lists for the sake of making lists. I want to trust your choices and know you’ve read them.

Is there a negative? I suppose the only downfall is that you are now updating another book-related app. I don’t exactly see this as a negative because I’ve only ever used Goodreads as my online library. I don’t spend time trying to interact with other people there, though it has that capability. I find Likewise to be more community friendly.

Oh, keep in mind that the platform is still new. It definitely has kinks it needs to work out. Additionally, you can find the “end” of lists and asks. Kind of like when Instagram tells you that you’ve caught up (I always feel attacked). Anyways, I am sure that as more people join the app the more lists and asks there will be!

Want to be friends with us?! Find us on Likewise @bibliomavens.


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5 thoughts on “You like books? Likewise!

  1. Oh my God! I need this in my life!!! Thank you so much for this most, just checked out the app and it is an answer to all my woes – it’s a shame though, they say it is only available in USA and Canada at the moment 😦

    I have contemplated other apps like Storygraph, but being a paid platform it always puts me off a little bit as I already use Goodreads. Fingers crossed Likewise comes to UK very soon 🙂

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