When the Movie/Television Cover Wasn’t THAT Bad

when the tv/movie cover wasn't that bad

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm despises the movie or television tie-in versions of a book. Or, at least, that’s the impression. However, I am here today to shout of some books that actually didn’t do that bad. Honestly, I even own some of these and I’m not mad.

I watched IT the first time when I was in grade school and it scared the ndskbvsvba out of me. Ya, you read that right. Nevertheless, the Tim Curry version quickly became one of my favourites. So, you can image my delight when they announced they were remaking the TV film into a two part movie. In anticipation, I borrowed my brother’s copy and finally read this beast of a book. Unfortunately, it was not this version. However, I remember being impressed with it when I saw it on the shelves.

Aidan Turner. Need I say more? I adored Poldark, so it only made sense to buy the books and make a point of reading them. Yes, I am one of those people who isn’t turned off by watching the television show or movie first. Anyways, some people may hate that the series (made up of 12 books) has a different actor/character on the cover. Here is my rationale with these: they are going to live on my shelves where the only thing you will see is the spine. The spine for these books is white with the title in rose gold lettering. For those of you who like to colour coordinate your shelves, these are stunning. The originals were a little tacky in my opinion. Anyways, this series is easily my favourite just for how nice they all look together on my bookshelf.

I have this copy and I don’t hate it. I think they made an excellent decision to not plaster one of the actor’s faces on the cover. To be fair, I think that is what annoys most of us. At least, with this one, they used a beautiful shot from the film. It’s actually one of my favourite scenes, to be honest, just because of its beauty. That red coat against that green forest almost looks like an open wound from afar. For those of you who have read the book and know of the relationship between these two characters, it’s pretty on point.

Gone with the Wind is such a classic film (and I am biased) that I can’t imagine people being that upset over this cover. I actually found my copy while looking through a bookstore in London, England. Since it’s my favourite book, I collect different versions/covers of the novel. I’m just thrilled that they chose a shot of Vivien Leigh when she is doing her iconic eyebrow lift. It definitely lends itself to Scarlett’s personality.

I know I already mentioned that one of the reasons I think people hate movie or tv tie-in covers is that they just use a headshot of one of the actors/actresses. However, when it comes to The Book of Negroes, the original cover used a headshot/portrait. So, in this instance, I think it works. Really, they are just replacing one for the other. Since I read this book in second year university for my Canadian Literature class, I have the original cover as it wasn’t a show yet. Though, if I did own this version, I wouldn’t be mad.

What movie covers do you like? Which ones do you not like?


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