10 Writing Prompts for Inspiration for All Genres

writing prompts for all genres
  1. “What did I tell you about killing people before I’ve had my coffee? I hate the sight of blood in the morning.”
  2. It’s been 15 years since I locked my past away inside the chest. Today I decided to open it.
  3. “At least I was gentle,” she whispered in his ear as he gasped his last breath. “Which is more than you can say.”
  4. Today was a good day, she thought as she began scrubbing the blood out of the Aubusson rug.
  5. “Not everyone is cut out to be a princess. You’re proof of that, my dear.”
the big picture writing prompts
  1. Your protagonist is on a hike on one of their favourite trails. They’ve made this trek hundreds of times before. However, this time is different. This time, when they pass the abandoned well they hear the lullaby their mother used to sing to them.
  2. Write a story where the villian is actually the hero and the hero is the villain (but your reader doesn’t know that).
  3. Your protagonist inherits a record player from their grandfather. They put a record on. When the song starts to play, your protagonist is transported to a moment in time (past, present, and future) in another person’s life. The song is playing in the background and your protagonist watches until the song is over.
  4. They say love can move mountains. Tell me the story of Mount Everest.
  5. She’d always heard stories of princesses and fair maidens being locked in towers and thought them silly. Now here she was, locked in a tower. She didn’t think it was fair at all — herself or the situation.

Did you find these prompts fun or useful? If so, which one is your favourite?  Stay tuned here for more prompts.

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