5 Fantasy Books That Need to Be Adapted into TV Shows or Movies

fantasy books that need tv or movie adaptations

Who doesn’t love a good adaptation? I mean I know I do, when it’s good that is. Sometimes adaptations can go very very wrong (*cough*Eragon*cough*) and sometimes they can be better than the books (Netflix’s Bridgerton is way better).

I personally love seeing my favourite books and series adapted. Of course, it’s a huge let down when the adaptation isn’t what you wanted it to be, but it’s a beautiful thing when it is and you get to see the world and characters you love brought to life. For me TV shows and movies become like an addition to the books. They are not the books, but they are something that I can enjoy and indulge in separate from the written story.

Can I also say – I think production companies need to create positions on adaptations for book nerds. Most productions have a Script Supervisor who maintains continuity between all the elements of a set. I think they need Book Supervisors, which are positions filled by very passionate bookworms who have read the source material a thousand times, can recite it word for word, and know the characters better than they know themselves. Just a thought. You know, might make sure some of these adaptations are actually based on the source material.

So, here are 5 books/series I think would make great TV/Movie adaptations.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue V.E. Schwab Book Review

I’m putting this book at the top of the list because it is one of my all time favourite novels. I think the book would lend itself wonderfully to a limited series on Netflix or Amazon. Just six to eight episodes exploring Addie’s journey and what one will do just to be remembered in a world set on forgetting them. I think this book has so many beautiful messages to share and more people need to experience it.

the night circus

Don’t tell me a Victorian era circus-themed TV series wouldn’t be successful! I can just imagine this having a 6-episode arc on Netflix along the lines of The Alienist with a strong cast, phenomenal period settings, and a killer writing team. This book is so visual in its writing that it would lend itself so well to the screen. It would be a literal feast for the eyes to adapt this book and I need it to happen now.

This series is one of my all time favourite fantasy series and one that I don’t see get any attention anywhere. So, this is my plug for all of you to go read the Cainsville series. If you like the fae, witches, biker werewolves, brooding lawyers, a heavy dose of murder, and a sprinkle of spice, this series is for you. I never read books sequentially in a series and I devoured this one in a weekend. It has everything a good TV show needs – murder plot, dozens of supernatural characters, a not completely cringe-worthy love triangle (the only love triangle I have ever enjoyed), magic, suspense, and a whole lot of crazy twists and turns. This would make a phenomenal multiple season TV show and would definitely market to anyone who loved True Blood.

mistborn chosen one fantasy trope

It is a crime against humanity that this series hasn’t made its way to the silver screen. This book is the epitome of what an amazing fantasy novel looks like. It has some of the most complex and interesting worldbuilding, phenomenal characters, and a plot that could drive a series of films. Honestly, I just need to see Kelsier in the flesh. From my limited research, I know Sanderson has optioned Mistborn a few times, but nothing has come of it. Come on! Someone please pick this show up, we as book readers promise you we will watch it and it will be successful.

Ninth House Leigh Bardugo Book Review

So, admittedly, I didn’t love this book, but when I think of books that would lend themselves to great adaptations, this one definitely comes to mind. It has secret societies, magic, murder, and a strong enough plot to carry a series. This show would be like The Discovery of Witches but darker and far more twisty. I would definitely watch a show based on this book. (Sidenote – who else is dedicating their entire life tomorrow to watching Shadow & Bone because I am read for hours of Jesper and Kaz. Although I am still really sad there will be no Wylan.)

What are some fantasy books and series you would like to see adapted into a movie or TV show?

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11 thoughts on “5 Fantasy Books That Need to Be Adapted into TV Shows or Movies

    1. If we don’t get Wylan I will riot. I need like an entire episode dedicated to the two of them to make up for him not being in season 1. But Milo was a solid substitute in the meantime! – Amber

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      1. Yes! And Jesper’s whole dialogue of asking for an explosive expert for every job—it’s RIGHT THERE and we deserve it! Now I just need Nikolai to be on that boat and I’ll be set…

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      2. YES!!! That whole scene I was just like he’s coming Jesper just wait. He’s just busy playing the flute right now. And oh my god Nikolai! Ugggh I need season 2 like yesterday.

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      3. 😂😂 he’s busy playing the flute is the BEST Wylan description I have heard! I am just praying to every Ravkan saint that Nikolai turns out to be captaining the ship they’re all on. It will be a crime otherwise 😂

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