Samantha, Amber, and a tree.

Here we have two book-bosomed buddies (Amber is the Anne of Green Gables to Samantha’s Diana Barry, if in hair colour only) who self-identify a bibliophiles with a proclivity for bibliosmia. The Bibliomavens blog is brought to you by the COVID pandemic, lockdowns, and a too much free time.

Growing up people said to go to school for something you love. So, Amber went and got an expensive piece of paper in professionally reading books. Now, here she is trying to put that degree to good use by ranting about books and talking all things bookish. Additionally, you’ll soon come to learn that Amber loves Harry Potter. She is a loyal Ravenclaw, honorary Weasley, and her go-to costume is Newt Scamander. Everyone just wants a dog, Amber just wants Pickett the Bowtruckle. If she were to smell Amortentia, she would smell books.

Fun facts for kicks:

  • Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, and Aquarius Rising (let’s talk astrology)
  • Also a hobbit (big fan of Elevenses)
  • Currently collecting as many Harry Potter books as she can (current count: 40)
  • low-key obsessed with building family trees

As an avid reader and bookstore employee with an English and philosophy degree, book publishing certificate, and a public relations diploma, Samantha obviously doesn’t know how to stop going to school and get a ‘life.’ Right here is where she has decided to unleash all the book-related shower thoughts that swarm around her head by typing away on genres like historical fiction and trashy (she wouldn’t mind if some of these stories were her reality) romance or topics like that #bookstagram life, books-turned-movies-turned-television-shows, and so much more. All of which proves Samantha needs to get out of the house more.

Fun facts for kicks:

  • A voracious reader (seems fitting)
  • Competitive board game player (cracks knuckles)
  • Champion retail sale finder (waves to the crowd)
  • Television and movie addict (pass the popcorn)
  • Advocate for the Oxford comma (take note)

In our not-so-humble opinion, everyone loves to have a bookin’ good time.
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