Review Policy

Review Policy


If you are an author or publisher, please read our review policy below before sending us a request via email at

What to Include in Your Request

  • Title, Author, Publisher, and Publication Date
  • Book Summary
  • Author Bio
  • Book Cover (JPEG or PDF)
  • Format we would receive the book (physical, eBook, Audiobook)
  • Timeframe for review (we ask for a minimum of one month notice)
  • Other relevant information

What We Review

Our main preferences are Romance, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction. We will also review General Fiction, New Adult, Mystery and Suspense, Middle Grade, and Young Adult.

We do not review Non-Fiction, Children’s Literature (i.e. Storybooks, Early Readers, and Chapter Books), Religion, Westerns, Poetry, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Erotica.

We will consider requests for reviews outside of the above preferences if we are particularly interested in the book and it fits with the Bibliomavens blog.

Other Services We Will Consider

On top of reviews we are also interested in:

  • Giveaways
  • Blog Tours
  • Guest Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Affiliations
  • Author Interviews

Formats We Will Accept

  • Physical copies
  • Audiobook
  • eBook (PDF, Kindle and Kobo)

We also accept review copies through NetGalley.

Book Review Format

If you request a review from us, here is what you can expect:

  • Book cover image and details (title, author, publisher, publication date, genre)
  • Buy links (we are affiliates of Barnes & Noble and Amazon and will link to these sites in our reviews)
  • Summary
  • Honest review (typically spoiler free)
  • Can include author bio and links if provided
  • We are open to discussing other elements if requested
  • Our ratings do not follow a traditional ‘5 Star’ system, although we will review on Goodreads using associated stars. See below for our rating system:
Book Rating System

See an example of a Book Club It review here.

Where We Publish Our Reviews

Review Policy Disclosure

We will always provide an honest review. We will post both positive and negative reviews, but we reserve the right to not review the book as well. Receiving a copy of the book does not guarantee that we will like it or review it. If we choose not to review the book after receiving it, we will contact the requester. All reviews are the honest opinions of ourselves and are not meant to offend.

We have the right to accept or not accept a book for review, but will give each request we receive an honest consideration. We cannot promise a response to every request, but we will try our best.

Every book we review is either our own personal book or given to us by an author or publisher to review. We will always disclose in our reviews if the book was received in exchange for an honest review.

We will not sell any review copies we have received for profit.

If you have any other questions you can email us at or contact us here.