5 Fantasy Books That Need to Be Adapted into TV Shows or Movies

Who doesn’t love a good adaptation? I mean I know I do, when it’s good that is. Sometimes adaptations can go very very wrong (*cough*Eragon*cough*) and sometimes they can be better than the books (Netflix’s Bridgerton is way better). So, here are 5 books/series I think would make great TV/Movie adaptations.

5 Fantasy Tropes with Book Recommendations

Who doesn’t love a good trope? All genres have tropes, but fantasy is definitely chock full of some serious classics that have built the genre from the beginning *cough* chosen one *cough*. Here are five fantasy trope with book recommendations to get you our of that book slump.

October Wrap Up

Spoopy season is over and so it is time for our October Wrap-Up. Amber read 8 books and Samantha slowed it down for once and only read a whopping 13 books. Check out our full wrap up!