8 Weird Bookworm Habits

weird bookworm habits

If you’re a reader, you probably have some things you do that are normal for you, but odd to everyone else. Not quite sure what I am talking about? No worries. We’re going to break it down by confessing to the “weird” things we do when reading.

Here we go!

Samantha’s “Weird” List

  1. I read the last sentence of the book.

I mean, technically we all read the last sentence of a book…eventually. As for myself, I’ll read the first few pages or first couple of chapters and then read the last sentence. For whatever reason, the idea of a last sentence intrigues me. I don’t even really have a solid reason as to why. I guess I consider it to be the same as a closing scene of a movie or television show. A lot of thought needs to go into that last sentence since it’s the moment you leave the reader. Of course, it doesn’t work quite the same for books in a series, but you get the point. When it comes to writing, the title and the last sentence are the first things I come up with.

2. I don’t judge a book by its cover.

There are a lot of pretty books out there, but I can safely say I have never bought a book just for its cover. Sure, while shopping a beautiful book will grab by attention. However, if the synopsis doesn’t peak by interest, I’ll walk away from it. I’m here for the story. A beautiful cover is just a bonus. I know there are people out in the book community who will disagree with me, but I dunnnnnnnnn careeee.

3. White noise is my soundtrack.

I know there are a ton of book curated playlists out there, but I will always pick white noise. As my go-to for reading, it helps me focus on the story and drown out everything else around me. When I was younger, I would read in the living room while watching a movie/television show or with a bunch of people talking around me. And while I can still do that, I just prefer to give the book more of my focus. I guess it just comes done to not like absolute silence. It creeps me out.

4. Provided by Amber: Samantha Finds a Series She Likes and NEVER Stops Reading It

Okay, okay. I’m probably the only one who finds this weird. I rarely finish series, as you’ll read below, and I often don’t keep reading in the series even if I love the book. Samantha has this habit of finding a series, usually romance, hooking onto it and reading it nonstop for a week or two until she’s read all 15 books of the main series, the spin off series, and the other spin off series. I wouldn’t be surprised if she searched up some fanfiction at this point. I’m mostly just astounded by her ability to stay with one series for so long. How does one do that? I don’t have the attention span for it.

Amber’s “Weird” List

  1. I never finish series.

I honestly just noticed this about myself lately. Due to an inability to read books in a series one after the other, I tend to not finish book series. No matter how much I loved it, I will likely now know how it ends for another 10 years. Biggest case in point – Mistborn. LOVEEEEDDD the first and second book and easily one of my favourite book series. I read the first and second book five years ago and have been 92 pages into the last one for like 4 years. I’ll read it, eventually. Do I want to know how it ends? Yes. I just have other books to read.

2. I am usually reading 4 to 6 books at a time.

It isn’t uncommon for me to have many books on the go at one time. Right now I have 6 on the go. I like to think of it as having a book for every occasion. I have a bed book. A car book. An audio book. A e-book on my phone. An e-book on my Kobo. And an everyday book. And it’s great – if one book starts to get boring or uninteresting, I have a bunch of other worlds I can hop over too. I also just enjoy having a different book everywhere I go. I get to live more than one book at the same time and I enjoy it.

3. I chronically buy books because they are pretty.

I am a sucker for a shiny book. While I do not judge the quality of a book by a cover, it is definitely the deciding factor on rather I will purchase said book. I’ve recently put myself on a ban from buying every single book I want to read because well, money, and I’m also running out of room on my shelves. So, now I’ve told myself I can only buy 5-star reads. And it needs to be pretty. I’m not kidding, if it shines it has my attention and I will want to take it home with me.

4. Provided by Samantha: Amber doesn’t read a series consecutively.

Okaaaaay — how?! If I am into a series, like seriously into, there is no way I am going to be reading anything else until I read the WHOLE thing. Of course, if all the books aren’t out yet, that’s one thing. But if I come to a series that is complete, you better believe I am devouring that bad boy as fast as my eyes will let me. Amber, however, doesn’t. I will never understand how she can walk away. Is this some kind of crazy level of self-control that I lack? Or is she a closet serial killer? Should I be worried?!

What are some bookish habits that you have? Please share. If you have the same ones as us, please let us know we’re not alone!

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23 thoughts on “8 Weird Bookworm Habits

  1. Wait Samantha, don’t you get scared that you’ll spoil yourself by reading the last sentence? Also, I used to be just like you, I’d pick up a series and never let it go until I was finished. But since I started book blogging, with blog tours and review copies, I had to do some pauses mid-series. I’m currently in the middle of a series and a duology, and it’s KILLING me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You think I’d be worried about spoiling it for myself, and in a sense I am. However, my curiosity is SO intense that it overpowers every other emotion. In fact, I read the last line of the 7th Harry Potter book BEFORE I ever started reading the series. I clearly have a problem. Also, I wish book blogging stopped me from picking up a series and devouring it but I fixate way too hard to do that. Everything gets put on pause until I can finish a series. πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I get it though, it doesn’t happen a lot with books, but sometimes, when I’m watching movies, I have to skip and check the ending. Especially when my anxiety over what’s going to happen becomes so overpowering I can’t enjoy the story properly.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I applaud anyone who can read a series consecutively, honestly! I don’t know how you stick to one series so long when there’s so many other books to read haha. And I know, I think Samantha is crazy for doing that – I could never! – Amber

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I definitely don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but get massively annoyed if the book cover is of the TV / movie adaption -__- Also, I totally read 2-3 books at a time, I call it balancing things out LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate TV/movie adaptation covers. Some have been done well, but for the most part, they’re all bad in my opinion. Samantha and I were literally just talking about movie covers and how they are the worst. We’re going to do a blog on the ones we think aren’t completely horrible haha. And right, it’s all balance! I have 4 books on the go right now. Sometimes I even take out the audiobook of books I’m reading on e-book or physically just so I can keep ‘reading’ when I’m driving or what not. – Amber

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oooh that would be a great blog post, I look forward to it! I still need to get into audiobooks, I’ve tried and not liked them so much, also I feel if it’ll be a disaster if I’m driving and listening to an audio book haha πŸ˜›

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha yeah I only listen when I’m not driving in the city and just on like a straight country road (I live in the middle of nowhere haha). It’s too distracting when there’s people around. Hopefully you can get into audiobooks! I know they’re not for everyone. I go through stages where it’s all I listen to and when I don’t like them at all. Also really depends on the narrator.

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    1. To be fair, I’m just odd. I like reading the last sentence to see if it packs a punch, especially when you are reading it without context. Similar to the opening lines, but unfair to the last line since it’s depending on you knowing the story at that point. Regardless, there I am flipping to the back πŸ˜…

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