20 Reasons Your BFF Should be a Bookworm

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Not only is this a list of why your BFF should be a bookworm, but it’s also one helluva appreciation post for book nerds everywhere!

If you are a book lover or know someone who is a lover of books, you will definitely relate to this list. Of course, there are more than 20 reasons (book lovers are amazing), but these are the ones that tend to stand out the most: 

  1. Free grammar checks for life!

  2. Always has book recommendations.

    giphy (8)

  3. Morning, noon, night – it’s always a good time to talk about books.

    giphy (14)

  4. Best partner for trivia because they are full of random facts due to reading so much.

    giphy (6)

  5. They respect the art of reading — no interruptions!

    giphy (3)

  6. Are happy to spend time just reading alongside you.

    giphy (5)

  7. Bookstore trips are always welcome.

    giphy (11)

  8. Speaking of bookstores, they won’t rush you!

    giphy (7)

  9. They already know the movie is based on a book.

    giphy (20)

  10. And they also know what the movie left out.

    giphy (12)

  11. You always know what to get them for their birthday (psst, it’s a book).

    giphy (10)

  12. Their imagination is never-ending.

    giphy (16)

  13. Understands the pain of spoilers.

    giphy (4)

  14. They will never harm a book they borrow (no dog eared pages, please).

    giphy (2)

  15. The concept of “too many books” is foreign to them.

    giphy (1)

  16. Discussions about fictional characters/places as if they are real happens all the time.

    giphy (13)

  17. Are always down to start or join a bookclub.

    giphy (15)

  18. Spending your money on book-themed accessories/products is never frowned upon.

    giphy (17)

  19. Taking pictures of beautiful books to share with the world is totally acceptable (cough-@bibliomavens-cough).

    giphy (18)

  20. And, lastly, you know they love you because, typically, they prefer fictional characters over real people.

    giphy (19)

Comment below to let us know what we missed! We would love to add it to our list. (Woah, I rhymed.) Or, let us know which one(s) are the most relevant to your and your book-bosomed buddy. 



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