10 Writing Prompts For Fantasy

fantasy writing prompts
the first sentence writing prompts
  1. Lightning struck and the dagger began to slowly turn red from the hilt up. 
  2. A boom echoed from over the mountains then the ground began to shake. 
  3. She felt her wings for the first time that morning. 
  4. Like everyone else, he learned fire burned, but he never expected it to feel so cold.  
  5. And then I watched the unicorn pierce my father’s heart with his horn. 
the big picture writing prompts
  1. You live in a world where magic is muted when it rains.
  2. The world has been poisoned with magic. Now, nothing can grow naturally. Suddenly, on a grey morning, a small sprout appears outside your protagonist’s home. 
  3. Your protagonist dies young and quickly discovers the afterlife is more than clouds and flames. It’s a whole other world with kingdoms, countries, allies, enemies, and battles. This world is more cutthroat than the one they passed on from. 
  4. A witchy tale from the perspective of the familiar. 
  5. You live in a world where upon your birth you are allotted a certain amount of magic.

Did you find these writing prompts useful? If so, which one is your favourite? Stay tuned here for more prompts.



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