10 Romance Writing Prompts

Romance Writing Prompt
  1. For a second I thought she could actually see me. Then she walked right through me. 
  2. “Where are you going?” “Wherever you aren’t.”
  3. She was dragged across the throne room floor and thrown unceremoniously at someone’s feet. Lifting herself up, she looked into the face of the boy she met in the woods the night before. The same boy who kissed her. 
  4. “I’ll see you on the other side.”
  5. He had never seen someone so beautiful be so ugly. 
the big picture writing prompts
  1. Two friends who made a pact with each other when they were 20 — if they aren’t married by 30, they will marry one another. 
  2. Your protagonist finds a 30 year old love letter in their mailbox. It’s addressed to them. 
  3. For years your protagonist has been having a recurring dream until one day they find themselves living the dream. 
  4. In a post-apocalyptic world, your protagonist is out hunting. They shoot at what they believe to be a deer. Instead, it is a person — “The world may have ended, but cannibalism is still frowned upon.”
  5. Your protagonist has a favourite romance novel they love to reread. One day, at their favourite coffee shop, they run into the main character of said novel. 

Did you find these prompts useful? If so, which one is your favourite?  Stay tuned here for more prompts.



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